What To Expect

After checking in at the front desk and completing any necessary paperwork, you will be taken to one of our private treatment rooms. One of our chiropractic assistants will ask you detailed questions about your condition. The doctor will then ask a few additional questions with an examination to follow. Depending on your condition, x-rays or other diagnostic procedures may be performed. You will then be given your diagnosis and treatment plan. The first visit is concluded with you receiving your first treatment. We understand that many of our patients are experiencing a significant amount of pain at the time of their first treatment. Some patients may not have experienced hands on treatment so we will focus on keeping your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Subsequent visits come at intervals of 2-3 times per week depending on your situation. Our goal is to release patients from care as quickly as possible. Many times this is accomplished in 6-8 treatments. Some cases may take longer some shorter. Our hope is that you will have a positive outcome at our clinic and that you will share your positive experience in our clinic with others.

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